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Distilled Water vs. Alkaline Water: Which Is Better for You?

Distilled Water vs. Alkaline Water: Which Is Better for You?

Ever find yourself pondering about the difference between alkaline water and distilled water? You're not alone. Water is water, right? Well, not entirely. The type of water you drink can significantly influence your health, taste preferences, and even your household needs.

With so many options available, like the Naturopress Alkaline Water Ionizer, it's important to understand the distinctions. In this article, we'll dissect the ins and outs of alkaline water vs distilled water and help you make an informed decision on your next sip.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is water that’s been filtered through an alkaline water ionizer, which increases the pH level of the water making it less acidic. Drinking alkaline water has been promoted for its potential health benefits, as it can help neutralize the acidic content in our bodies.

Why Choose Alkaline Water?

The main reason to choose alkaline water is its purported health benefits. When using products like the Naturopress Alkaline Water filter Ionizer, some believe that alkaline water can help:

It's worth noting, however, that more research is needed to confirm these claims.

What is Distilled Water?

A group of glass vials with liquid in them

Distilled water is the result of a form of water treatment known as distillation. This process involves boiling tap water and then collecting the water vapor as it condenses, leaving almost everything from the water, including minerals from the water.

Should You Drink Distilled Water?

Drink distilled water if you need water free of impurities. However, distilled water doesn’t have minerals found in regular drinking water. While it's excellent for specific uses like in appliances where mineralization in water can cause issues, drinking it exclusively might deprive your body of essential minerals.

PH Level: How Does it Matter?

Water consumption varies based on the pH level, which plays a role in the taste and potential health effects of the water available. Regular water has a pH close to 7, while water also treated with an alkaline filter can reach a pH of 9 or even higher. Learn more about the pH of drinking water.

Distilled water and alkaline water differ in their pH profiles; distilled water can be slightly acidic due to its water purification process, which strips minerals back into water. Many believe that the pH level of water improves its health benefits.

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Distilled Water vs Alkaline Water: What's the Difference?

At the heart of it, the difference between alkaline water and distilled water is the method of preparation and their pH levels. While alkaline water, especially from ionizers like Naturopress, increases its pH, distilled water goes through distillation to remove impurities, which might make it slightly acidic.

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

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Alkaline water enthusiasts point out several potential benefits:

  • Enhanced hydration - Discover how alkaline water aids in proper hydration.
  • Balanced body pH - Read about the importance of maintaining a pH balanced body with alkaline water.
  • Antioxidant properties - Explore more about the anti-aging benefits of alkaline water and its other health benefits.

But as mentioned earlier, more scientific studies are needed to validate these claims.

Does the Taste of the Water Change?

Absolutely! Absolutely! Many people find a noticeable taste difference between the two types of water. Wondering about the taste of alkaline water? Learn more about what alkaline water tastes like. The lack of minerals in distilled water may make it taste flat, while the increased pH in alkaline water can offer a smoother taste.

Which Water Option is Best for You?

This depends on your needs. If you're looking for water with potential health benefits like weight loss or boosting immunity, alkaline water might be for you. For expectant mothers, understanding the impact of drinking alkaline water during pregnancy is crucial. If you need pure water for specific tasks, distilled water is your go-to.

Alkaline and Distilled Water in Daily Life

Aside from drinking, these waters can serve other purposes. Distilled water is great for appliances to avoid mineral buildup, and some believe alkaline water is better for cooking as it retains the flavor of foods better. Delve into using alkaline water in making coffee or check out these scrumptious alkaline breakfast ideas.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Alkaline Water: Increased pH level, potentially offers health benefits, smoother taste.
  2. Distilled Water: Free from almost all impurities, may taste flat due to lack of minerals, excellent for specific uses.
  3. Making a Choice: Consider your health, taste preferences, and specific needs before choosing between the two.
  4. Beyond Drinking: Both types of water have uses outside of consumption, such as in appliances and cooking.

Multifunctional Alkaline Water Machine

FAQs on Alkaline Water vs Distilled Water

  1. Are alkaline water and distilled water both forms of purified water? Yes, both alkaline water and distilled water can be considered forms of purified water. Alkaline water has been filtered to increase its pH level, as discussed in our article on water pH levels. Distilled water, as covered in our comparison between alkaline water vs distilled water, has undergone a process to remove most minerals and impurities.

  2. How does the taste of distilled water compare with tap water? Distilled water might taste different due to the absence of minerals. Learn more about the taste of alkaline water to understand how its flavor might differ from other water sources.

  3. What are the potential benefits of drinking alkaline water? Alkaline water offers various potential benefits. For instance, it can slow down the aging process, help maintain a healthy pH balance, and assist in weight loss. However, more scientific research is needed to validate these claims.

  4. Can I use distilled water in my alkaline water ionizer? It's possible, but you might want to check our Australian water ionizers comparison reviews to understand which ionizers work best with different water types.

  5. Why would distilled water be required? Distilled water has specific purposes. For example, when considering the water for your plants, you might be curious if alkaline water is beneficial.

  6. How can I ensure my pets are drinking safe water? For pet lovers, you might be wondering if your cats can drink alkaline water or if there are benefits of alkaline water for dogs. Always consult with a veterinarian for personalized advice.

  7. What is the recommended daily intake of alkaline water? To ensure you're drinking the right amount, see our guide on alkaline water daily intake.

  8. Can I cook using alkaline water? Certainly! Cooking with alkaline water can have its unique benefits. You can also improve your beverages, like coffee or tea, using alkaline water.

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