Alkaline Water Filters and Ionizer Machines

Affordable Alkaline Water Filtration for Your Home

After noticing that too many alkaline water filters on the market were being sold by multi-level marketing (MLM) companies at massively inflated prices, we at Naturopress knew we had to provide a better, more economical alternative. By removing the affiliate, the “middleman,” we are able to bring the best alkaline water filters and ionizer machines directly to you for about half the price of our biggest competitor.

Naturopress Alkaline Water Filters & Ionizer Range

Experience the Difference of Naturopress Alkaline Water Filters and IonizerMachines

  • Our dual filtration system filters out heavy metals, fluoride, chloride, pesticides, and many more contaminants.
  • Naturopress machines contain eight platinum-coated titanium plates toionize water with hydrogen ions that produce a pH range from 2.5(acidic) to 11.2 (alkaline), the highest range on the market, withoutthe use of added external minerals. (Additional minerals can be addedto the mineral port to reach a higher pH.)
  • Bright LED screen displays machine usage to eliminate guesswork aboutwhen the filters need to be changed. Our long-lasting alkaline waterfilters process up to 9,000 liters before requiring replacement.That’s a lot of non-organic fruits and vegetables from which toremove harmful pesticide residue!
  • Say goodbye to using harsh chemicals to annually clean your alkaline water filter. Ours is self cleaning between uses!
  • Our alkaline water filters and ionizer machines possess oxygen reducing properties that transform your water into a powerful antioxidant in addition to producing alkaline water.
  • With free and speedy shipping, easy installation, an extended warranty, and a life expectancy of more than 15 years, you can look forward to a long, healthy relationship with our alkaline water filters and ionizer machines.
  • In accordance with our ethical commitment to sustainability, we’ll plant a tree for every machine we sell!

Can’t I Just Buy Bottled Alkaline Water?

Sure, you can. But why would you want to when bottled alkaline water is typically just the result of added minerals, not a filtration process that removes contaminants like pesticide residue, chlorine, and fluoride. Naturopress alkaline water filters transform your water’s pH through electrolysis and the addition of hydrogen electrons, allowing you, the consumer, to experience the myriad health benefits of alkaline water.

How Naturopress Alkaline Water Ionizers Work?

Alkaline water is produced in a two-step process. First, our filtration system connects to the tap water supply to filter out heavy metals and pollutants like pesticides, fluoride, and chlorine. Then, platinum-coated titanium plates ionize the filtered water with hydrogen ions through a process called electrolysis. It is these hydrogen ions, and the resulting wellness benefits, that set Naturopress alkaline water filters apart from our competitors’.

Alkaline Water Filters: What are the Benefits?

You probably know how important hydration is to keep all our body systems functioning properly. From our heads (memory, concentration, moods) to our toes (joints, muscles, skin, circulation) and everything in between (digestion, kidney function, weight management), our bodies need what only water can provide.

But not all water is created equal. The source of our water determines its quality, and the healthiest drinking water is not found in a plastic bottle, usually made from PET plastic, which can cause adverse health effects from harmful chemicals that leach into the water you ingest and damage hormone systems. Bottled water can also be acidic, which means it could contain heavy metals and minerals. Tap water is no better because it is chemically treated with chlorine and fluoride, which can be toxic, or contaminated with nitrates that have been associated with intestinal cancers.

The good news is that Naturopress alkaline water filters and ionizers remove harmful chemicals and contaminants, completely transforming your water to not only be safe to drink, but to actually protect your body from cell damage that causes disease. It is the hydrogen ions introduced into the filtered water that act as antioxidants in the body, helping to reduce excess oxidative stress—a precursor to disease—and inflammation in the body.

Why Choose Us?

Commitment to Sustainability

Naturopress continually strives to balance its carbon footprint by proactively making business choices to honor its commitment to sustainability. One way we do that is to plant a tree for every machine that we sell.

Transparent Pricing

We’re delighted with how well our alkaline water filters and ionizer machines stack up to the competition, but that doesn’t mean we have to match their prices. When you purchase a machine from us, you can feel confident that you are getting a top-quality alkaline water filter at the best possible price—sometimes half of what our competitors are charging.


The life expectancy of our alkaline water filters and ionizer machines is 15+ years. That’s without using harsh chemicals to clean it every year, something we are proud to say is not required with our self-cleaning machines. Our 5-year warranty provides an extra layer of peace of mind.