Multifunctional Water Machine at Half the Price

The Naturopress water ionizer machine filters your water for a fraction of the cost of water ionizers offered by our leading competitors.

Multifunctional Water Machine at Half the Price

The Naturopress water ionizer machine filters your water for a fraction of the cost of water ionizers offered by our leading competitors.

Multifunctional Alkaline Water Machine

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Water how it’s meant to be: pure

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  • Stainless steel spouts
  • 9 Titanium with Platinum coating plates
  • 6 different water levels



Full Warranty


Naturopress Multifunctional Alkaline Water Machine

Our multifunctional water machine generates water with six preset pH levels from acidic to alkaline and can be utilized for body cleansing, cooking, drinking, and household sanitizing.


Make Coffee or Tea




Product Features:

  • 9,000-liter filter life in built-in water filtering system
  • 3.0-11.2 pH range
  • Nine platinum-coated titanium plates
  • Oxygen Reducting Potential (ORP) of +500 to -800mV
  • Manufacturer life expectancy of 15+ years and five-year warranty
  • Free shipping—worldwide!
  • Produces hydrogen-rich water with antioxidant properties
  • Six pH level presets: cooking, coffee/tea making, drinking, purified water, skin cleansing, and sanitizing
  • Large LCD screen displays water pH, filter usage, flow rate, and ORP
  • Self-cleaning

Extra Benefits

  • Reusable Naturopress water bottle
  • Dual filters built in
  • Extended warranty
  • A tree planted for every machine you purchase
  • Fast and Free Delivery

  • Extended warranty

  • Self cleaning

  • Titanium with platinum coating

  • 6 water levels

  • 9 plates

Hydrogen-Rich Alkaline Water

The Naturopress alkaline water machine has the functionality to produce filtered water with six different pH levels, from an acidic 2.5 to an alkaline 11.2—the widest pH range on the market without added mineral solutions. Whether you want to cook a meal, brew some coffee, drink an ice-cold glass of water, clean your skin, or sanitize your home, this alkaline water machine has the capability to do it all for half the price our competitors charge.

With just a flip of a switch, your alkaline water machine reduces oxygen and adds hydrogen ions to create healthful alkaline water that acts as a powerful antioxidant, improving your mind and body. The long lasting filter processes 9,000 liters of tap water before the LCD screen lets you know it needs to be replaced.

Created using eight platinum-coated titanium ionizing plates, Japanese stainless steel to prevent rust, and a mechanism to self-clean without the use of pricey chemicals, our machines are built to last for at least 15 years, making the 5-year warranty redundant, but we’ll give it to you anyway!

4 Benefits of Alkaline Water from the Naturopress Multifunctional Water Ionizer

It fights free radicals.

It possesses detoxification properties.

It increases hydration.

It boosts immunity.

How Does the Multifunctional Water Machine Work?

Contaminants like fluoride and chlorine are first removed from tap water through a fiber carbon filter. Then, the newly filtered water undergoes an ionization process that infuses the water with hydrogen ions to transform it into alkaline water with antioxidant properties.

The Benefits of Hydrogen in Alkaline Water

Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest antioxidant. Due to the free electrons and reactive nature of both atomic and molecular forms of hydrogen, it is considered one of the strongest antioxidants with a high reduction potential. Due to its small size, it also penetrates easily through cell membranes, to rejuvenate and repair our cells damaged by harmful free radicals. Antioxidants prevent the oxidation of cells through chemical combination with free radicals. Hydrogen is one of the best anti-oxidants that selectively eliminates harmful free radicals because of its applicable reducibility. It is hundreds of times more effective than antioxidants like Vitamin C. The advantage of Hydrogen is no side effects. It can be used or consumed without limitations or restrictions.

What’s the Big Deal About Hydrogen, Anyway?

In order to appreciate what’s so great about hydrogen, we first need to understand what free radicals, oxidation, and antioxidants are. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage other molecules and increase the risk of disease. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that may produce free radicals. Antioxidants are substances that inhibit oxidation.

Hundreds of times more effective than other antioxidants (like Vitamin C), hydrogen is the smallest and lightest antioxidant, but still considered to be one of the strongest due to its free electrons and reactive nature. Its small size and applicable reducibility are two of its greatest attributes because they allow it to penetrate cell membranes easily to repair cells that have been damaged by harmful free radicals. And hydrogen does all of this with zero side effects, which means it can be used without limitations!

Technical Specifications

  • Power supply (SMPS)AC 110~220V,50~60Hz
  • Electrolysis power 40~250W
  • Heating power 2000W +10%
  • Bide power 1W
  • Water pressure 0.1~0.3MPa
  • Inlet water TDS 50~1200mg/L
  • Working water flow rate 0.8~3.5L/Min
  • Best flow rate 2L/Min
  • Electrolysis Method Continuous electrolysis
  • Continuous electrolysis time <30 minutes
  • Internal filter material High performance fiber carbon filter
  • Filter usage life 3000~9000L (Set up according to different water quality)
  • Display type 4.2-inch colorful LCD screen
  • Display content Alkaline/acid/purified water levels, filter life span, flow rate, time, water production dynamics, pH, ORP, temperature etc.
  • Plates material Titanium with platinum coating
  • Plates size 114mm*74mm
  • Number of plates 9PCS(7/5 PCS Optional)
  • pH range 3.0-11.2(MAX)
  • ORP range +500~-800mV(MAX)
  • Inlet water temperature Lower than 45 Celsius degree
  • Safe protection Overcurrent protection

Water pH Explained

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